School Break Bell Systems

We offer fully engineered break bell and central communication systems and we are happy to provide you with a no obligation free quote. Please fill out the Quick Survey or call us on 01457 810 391 to discuss your requirements.

We have three options for school or academy break bell systems. Each system is fully scalable and future proofed. These systems can also be used in commercial enviroments, our Multipath system is a full communication system with many additional features.

Break Bell Basic

School Break Bell Basic System
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This is the entry point for a fully up-gradable break bell class change system. A sounder only break bell system operates from an easy to use timer that schedules bell sounders, ideal as a class change system. This system includes the Valcom Multi-tone Generator allowing you to broadcast 15 different tones over the system.

Break Bell Plus

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With the addition of a Paging CPA connected to your phone system you can page voice and audio messages. Like the Break Bell System this also incorporates the Multi-Tone Generator giving you 15 different tones to broadcast.

Multipath Break Bell

Valcom Multipath
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Enterprise level break bell and mass notifcation systems suitable for educational and commerical facilities.

All Our Systems can utilise existing Cat 5/6 Networks which cuts down on the cost of cabling. A sounder can simply plug into an existing network outlet.

New – Break bell and Timer Kit

Easy Installation and Operation

The most basic of bell and timer kits – just add the number of bells required.

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Break Bell System

Break Bell System

We can supply Basic School Break Bell System from 1 Sounder to a limitless number of sounders. With a choice of bell sounds to be broadcasted up to 48 times per day at pre-set times.

Break Bell System Plus

All features as the Standard Break Bell System but with the added features of:

  • A blast of pre-determined music rather than a Bell to signal start and finish of breaks.
  • Access to the the Break Bell System for Voice Paging, perhaps for Voice notification of an Emergency Situation or for the Head to make announcements

With the Multi-Messenger USB Device any audio message can be played, such as a ‘Pupil of the Week’ can choose which music they want to play at home time…


Make Breaks Interesting

We also offer bespoke style Break Bell and Class Change systems taylored to your exact requirements. For example you can  incorporate a blast of your chosen music to indicate start and finish of breaks – the music is stored on a USB ‘stick’ and played via our Multi-Messager USB Device. The music could be chosen by the Star pupil of the month!

We have provided this feature to a number of Academy’s / Schools and Colleges.

Valcom Support Services provide a complete bespoke integrated design service for Academy/Colleges /Schools. 

We specialise in supplying an integrated solution for break sounders and voice paging. Valcom can make use of existing network cabling or be incorporated into a new cable network design. All of our products are designed to run on Category 5/6 cabling. We have VOIP Devices for where there is only a fibre link between comms cabinets. The need for old style cabling methods has long gone and the time to move forward with a fully integrated cabling system is here. 

We incorporate and integrate Category 5/6 cabling with our vast range of IP Products. 

As an example, we would use Valcom VIP-801 enhanced network audio ports to connect two comms cabinets which only had fibre running between them. 

With Valcom sounders you are able to incorporate break bells and voice paging through the same speaker.

This gives you double the product value. 

Valcom are a Partner of Singlewire, who market and supply the award winning CISCO based Software ‘InformaCast‘. The InformaCast software gives you many options to seriously think about.

If you require immediate clarification and response please utilise our Live Chat feature – available from 8am – 8pm, 7 days a week (including Bank Holidays.)

Valcom is the market leader in providing a truly, fully integrated break sounder and voice paging system.

We offer Nationwide Free of Charge Site Survey Service to ascertain your particular needs – Click here to email us your details.

All staff members at Valcom Support Services are trained to the highest level with integrated telephony solutions and would be more than happy to speak with you now to discuss your particular requirements.

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