IP Speakers

IP Speakers are also known as Network End Points. The IP speaker is crated from an IP audio Endpoint. The IP speaker requires to be connected to the Network with the ability to process audio packets, but without the actual physical speaker portion -that provides a amplified audio to a conventional speaker or un-amplified audio (i.e. line-out) to an amplified speaker or system.

IP Speaker Systems

IP Speaker Systems from Valcom UK create a fantastic way to easily add network speakers to your existing CAT5 cabling infrastructure. This will give you an instant mass notification or public announcement system which can be configured straight from your desktop PC, and they can connect directly to your telephone system for broadcasts from desk phones.

Wall Speakers, Ceiling Speakers or Horn Speakers

Choose from different mounting options, wall, ceiling or horn speakers. Our IP speakers can be mounted in almost any location (marine horns are weatherproof especially suited to outside locations) next to an existing CAT5 connection if required.

InformaCast Options

If you require the ultimate mass notification system why not consider the InformaCast version of an IP Speaker, this means that it will work seamlessly with SingleWire's Advanced Notification System which has many applications in industry, education and commercial environments.

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