Staggered Class Change Systems

There has never been a more important time to be in complete control of your Class Change System. With schools planning to reopen in September with the COVID 19 pandemic very much still part of our lives an effective way of controlling the flow of pupils and staff around your campus is essential.

We have several options available that range from a simple upgrade to your existing class change system to a new fully functional class change including lockdown functionality.

Class Change Systems For Schools

Our class change systems allow you to configure staggered alerts with different sounds indicating a class change for a certain year group. The announcements can be pre-recorded messages, different tones or even a live broadcast via your telephone system.

All of our equipment fits neatly into a small cabinet or server room and is fully expandable to incorporate further functionality if required. For pre-recorded messages we can offer PoE IP Speakers that will incorporate into your existing IT Network Infrastructure.

With nationwide coverage, our engineers can install a simple Class Change system in a little as 1 day, for larger systems a little more time is required, each installation is fully commissioned and your staff are trained as part of the handover.

Why Use Valcom?

We’ve been installing PA & Mass Notifications systems for a long time! Our Break Bell and Class Change Systems are in use all over the UK, and more recently with School Lockdown capabilities installed.

We can offer both standard break bell and class change systems or completely bespoke solutions built to your exact requirement. In recent times we have installed systems for The World Meteorological Organisation at the United Nations, NATO, Rolls Royce, JCB, Dyson and many more household names.

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Break Bell Basic

School Break Bell Basic System
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This is the entry point for a fully up-gradable break bell class change system. A sounder only break bell system operates from an easy to use timer that schedules bell sounders, ideal as a class change system. This system includes the Valcom Multi-tone Generator allowing you to broadcast 15 different tones over the system.

Break Bell Plus

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With the addition of a Paging CPA connected to your phone system you can page voice and audio messages. Like the Break Bell System this also incorporates the Multi-Tone Generator giving you 15 different tones to broadcast.

Multipath Break Bell

Valcom Multipath
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Enterprise level break bell and mass notifcation systems suitable for educational and commerical facilities.

All Our Systems can utilise existing Cat 5/6 Networks which cuts down on the cost of cabling. A sounder can simply plug into an existing network outlet.