Valcom MultiPath systems offer high quality internal communication and a multitude of features that are easily configured to suit the most advanced requirements. To find out more about MultiPath please call 01457 810 391 or email

A Microprocessor Based Paging Communication System

Integrate with any telephone system, VoIP-SIP, traditional trunkports or stand alone single line telephones.

Multipath Features


Alert & Evacuation Tones
Use coded tones to signal emergency conditions or direct actions


Remote Call-In for Emergencies Push intercom button to alert the office to activate an intercom call


Security Intercom/Paging Enhance access control system with communications at locked doors


Door Entry/Security Management Identify visitors and unlock dors from your desk telephone


Provide facility-wide lockdown and/or individual door control


Control of Clocks Synchronisation of clocks with paging class tones


Class Change Tones Inform of class changes or scheduled activities


Pre-Recorded Automated Messages Play messages automatically during or after hours


Pre-Recorded Emergency Tones Provide clear and concise directions during emergencies


Programmable Features Per Zone Configure every area individually


LAN / WAN Ready

Special Features

Remote Monitor
Listen/monitor any area or zone


Elimnate Feedback
Eliminate squeals when you page


Battery Backup
Continue internal paging communications during power failures


Individual Volume Control
Adjust each speaker location for proper operating level


Spot Sound Masking
Reduce the possibility of conversations being overhead


Background Music
Provide music in common areas


Multipath- Admin Console

Admin Software

User friendly Administration Software
Easily manage your MultiPath Communication System over your network

Multipath - Communications


All Call Emergency Paging Notify everyone for quick evacuation or personnel relocation


Multiple/Group Zoning Communicate with a specific group without disturbing other areas


Visual Messaging Notification Alert everyone that a page is about to begin


Utilise VoIP or tradional system distrubtion

Paging Intercom

Public Address & Paging
Find staff and students who are away from their office / class


Multiple Building Paging Integration
Network multiple buildings to create one system (VoIP & SIP ready)


All call or Group Zone Paging
Page entire school or certain areas


Phone System Integration
Provides multiple system access points

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