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Education Sector

We understand that without a trustworthy communication system, a school’s day-to-day routine can become disorderly. Our solutions work with your existing systems to modernise, synchronise and improve a school’s time, cost and emergency management. In addition to helping establish order, our solutions make information sharing, even across large geographical areas, not only possible, but simple.

Although daily operations are important, emergency notification is paramount. As threats occur, our systems can use easily adapt to quickly distribute and manage emergency messages.



Medical facilities are considered a safe haven where people can receive treatment for injuries and illnesses. However, hospitals, doctor’s offices and clinics have a significant challenge of communicating across multiple departments, buildings and geographical locations to keep everyday functions up and running. And most importantly, to be prepared to shift gears on a moment’s notice to alert individuals in emergency situations.

Valcom’s healthcare solutions address the issues medical facilities face to communicate routine operations including overhead paging, visual messaging, and emergency mass notification, all while maintaining compliance with OSHA and ADA regulations and upholding patient confidentiality.

Commercial & Industrial

In today’s world, the speed of business is perpetually increasing. Every day needs to be as productive as possible. For this to be a reality, each member of your team must be informed and on schedule.This task can be difficult because not all of your employees can be reached using the one-size-fits-all method. Some spend their work day at a desk, some operate very loud machines, some move throughout your entire facility on forklifts and some, especially those in facilities or production management, may never be in the same place twice in an entire work week.

Valcom’s vast experience in a wide variety of notification technologies like voice paging, message signs, automated shift and break tones and synchronized clocks, can help you develop a solution to keep everyone on schedule and informed.

And when there’s a disruption in the norm due to emergencies or other events, these proven everyday technologies can instantly alert your team to impending dangers, as well as provide them vital information about the situation at hand.


Being able to communicate with your employees and customers is vital to your business’ success, and we know that the customer experience goes beyond the interaction between them and your sales staff. Think about why customers frequent their favourite clothing retailer or restaurant. It’s because they have a holistic experience between your staff and the atmosphere of your establishment. Many retailers have incorporated paging speakers into their stores and distribution centres to keep employees and consumers informed, provide an atmosphere of comfort for their customers, and most importantly, to be able to send out real-time information during an emergency situation.

Valcom can help you offer the best customer experience, as well as help keep your employees safe and informed. From high-fidelity ceiling speakers that improve voice and music quality to a modernised voice paging and visual notification system that is able to deploy emergency notification messages in an instant.

Our solutions range from helping department stores with their customer experience to addressing employees in massive distribution centers.

Military and Emergency Services

Communication is the pillar to any organisation, and the military and emergency services are no exception. You have thousands of personnel moving about your facility on any given day; in and out of barracks and offices and always in constant motion. With the transient nature of bases, you need a Wide Area Notification system that can instantly reach anyone at any time, and in any place.

Valcom’s paging systems offer the reliability and flexibility that military bases and emergency services need. Our systems can easily integrate with your current phone systems giving you the capability to broadcast audible and visual information to your military community over a wide geographical area.

Success Stories

United Nations, WMO, Geneva

We were approached by the World Meteorological Organisation (WMO) after being recommended by Singlewire in the USA to provide a solution for overhead paging linked into their existing Cisco server.

Manchester Airport

Manchester Airport recently contacted Valcom Support Services to help with providing extra functionality with their emergency fire response systems.

Sony SME, Europe

Valcom Support Services configured and supplied a range of IP speakers for installation at Sony SME headquarters in London.