Protect People and Buildings

Your mass notification systems are inherently broken. They aren’t reaching everyone and not reliable when you need it most. There’s no cost-effective way to install, setup, and manage everything without buying expensive and overlapping systems.

Is your budget preventing you from solving this problem?

Meet Carina: The Affordable Safety Solution

The first safety IoT platform to protect people and link device management with building intelligence; creating the next generation of mass notification.

Platform Overview

A simple and intuitive dashboard allowing you to control and manage all intelligent endpoints and set off alerts.

  • Manage smart devices individually and globally
  • Calendar scheduler
  • Simple paging zone groups
  • Send emergency alerts to all devices

Intelligent Devices

The backbone of Carina, our smart devices help you achieve your safety goals and maintain an unbroken chain of communication.

  • Digital displays for visual messaging
  • IP speakers for indoor and outdoor coverage
  • IoT devices for building monitoring
  • Help points allowing people to reach out for help


Protect your people with a next-generation digital platform for less than the price of old legacy systems.

  • No device license fees
  • Investment protection – No added cost for new features
  • Install costs reduced by 50%
  • Multiple systems in one

Key Features

Caria by Wahsega

Prevent Communication Breakdown

Automate Your Safety Plan

Custom Carina scripts eliminates points of failure for each emergency scenario.

IoT Sensor Network

Allows buildings to reach out for help, preventing small problems from becoming big ones.

Reliable During Any Situation

Operates during loss of power, internet etc.

Stop Relying on the Unreliable

People make poor decisions during stressful or emergency situations, Carina automates everything for a streamlined safety response.

Provides Full Coverage

Text, flashers, and audio alerts both indoors and outdoors.

Offline Device Alerts

Monitors network performance and reports back when specific devices stop responding.

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