2N Licencing

2N Licence Features

Why are some features licenced?

Because we did not want every single customer who purchases our intercom, to pay for all the advanced features we offer. We believe that most applications can do with basic level, so the users do not need to pay for features they do not use.

Which features are licenced and what licence types there are?

The following table describes licenced features, and particular licences including their ordering numbers. You can either order one, or more licences; you will always get one licence key, even for multiple licences. Features not mentioned here are not licenced

Feature Enhanced Audio
Enhanced Video
Enhanced Integration
Enhanced Security
HFC Licence
Gold Licence
User Sounds        
Audio Loop Test        
Noise Detection        
Audio & Video Streaming
(RTSP Server)
ONVIF Support        
External Camera Support        
Motion Detection        
Digital PTZ of Video Stream        
Extended Lock Control
activation by call
activation with quick dial button
time profile for switch
HTTP switch control
now part of HTTP API
Picture to email
(SMTP Client)
Auto provisioning        
FTP Picture Upload        
HTTP API (partially)        
802.1x Support        

How do I get the licence?

Licences are generated by 2N according to particular serial number. After you decide which licence you require, you need to get serial number of your unit and contact us – we will then get the licence key for you.

The licence itself comes as a alphanumeric string, so it can be easily sent via email and copied and pasted into the intercom.

Licences are not time limited; once you have it, you have it for good.

In order to activate the licence, you need to log in to web interface of the particular intercom, and paste the licence key into the field in the Tools / Licencepage. Once saved the licenced features are immediately activated.