What is InformaCast?

InformaCast Advanced Notifcation is a software solution developed by Singlewire Software that enables Cisco telephone systems and connected appliances to broadcast notifications via audio message and text message. InformaCast allows you to message an unlimited number of Cisco IP Phones, IP Speakers and Mobile Devices (using InformaCast Mobile). Messages can be via text message, live audio, pre-recorded audio or text to speech audio.

Emergency Notification

There are many real life examples of when to use InformaCast as an emergency notification system.

  • Send emergency notifications quickly and easily from a variety of devices, including Cisco IP phones, computers, and panic buttons
  • Protect your front desk staff with a discreet call button for security or police
  • Know in advance when a weather emergency threatens your area and automatically alert your staff
  • Automatically monitor, record, and send an alert when an emergency number like 999 is dialled

Singlewire Software | Emergency Mass Notification System

Mass Notification

  • Reach people across your organisation as well as staff who are out of the office or who work remotely
  • Initiate a conference call bridge to bring key staff together

Valcom UK are the UK’s main distributor for all Singlewire Informacast Solutions.


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Informacast Network Requirements

The IP address and port requirements shown must be enabled on all firewalls, routers and/or switches in the network to support the InformaCast system. These requirements are based on the default installation, and may be different due to customer-specific changes to the InformaCast configuration.

Network requirements for the InformaCast speakers:

  • 10/100 Ethernet port with Power over Ethernet (802.3af), Class 2 or 3 (depending on speaker model)
  • DHCP service for IP address assignment
  • InformaCast version (5.0.4 or higher) that provides SLP (Service Location Protocol) for configuration file download. SLP is required; InformaCast speakers do not support TFTP.
  • Speaker must be able to communicate with the InformaCast server using Multicast address, port 427
  • Speaker must be able to communicate with the InformaCast server using the server’s IP address and TCP port 8081 (default port).Port can be changed in InformaCast configuration.
  • Speaker must be able to receive communication on TCP port 80 and UDP port 437 for the IP address assigned to the speaker. Additionally, any Multicast addresses assigned in the InformaCast server must be received by the speaker.

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