Mass Notification Solutions

Valcom IP6000

Valcom’s IP6000 mass notification and communication product suite is a completely customizable solution that can help your organisation keep people safe, informed and on schedule.

We understand that there is no one-size-fits-all solution for your communication challenges.

Valcom is ready to help you discover the right solution that addresses your most complex communication needs.

Caria by Wahsega

Carina by Wahsega

The first mass notification and safety IoT platform that protects both people and buildings while fully integrating device management to greatly reduce IT workload.

Carina was built so that you don’t need to sacrifice safety and functionality. Existing mass notification systems are inherently broken. Carina solves this problem by providing complete coverage and reliable operation.

  • Automatic system health checks so you know it works 100% of the time
  • Frees up IT staff time
  • Safer schools, buildings, and campuses
  • Key stakeholders are happy
  • Expand endpoints in the future without any licensing fees
  • Always enjoy the latest software feature upgrades without any additional fees
  • Upgrade your building with IoT sensors and let it communicate with you

For the best solution for your School Mass Notification and Lockdown System please get in touch with us. We have over 30 years experience of supplying, designing and installing these systems.