HelloDoor – Connecting Your Visitors to Microsoft Teams

Connect with your visitors from anywhere in Microsoft Teams.

Your reception is the business card of your organization. Whether it concerns a virtual reception or a doorbell solution, we provide the hardware and software to give your visitors a smooth, personal and professional welcome. By connecting the reception and visitor registration to your Microsoft Teams, we make the visitor reception a streamlined process..

More than 350 organizations across 20 countries choose HelloDoor

Bangor University

Virtual Reception

HelloLisa plays visitor Welcome video.

On the touchscreen, visitor can call “Reception” to reach the person in charge of welcoming visitors, or they can do a Directory-lookup to call the person they are visiting directly.

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Doorbell Solutions

HelloDoor Intercoms

The HelloDoor “Intercom for Teams” solution provides you with a standard Intercom device and a cloud-service that will connect this intercom to your own Microsoft Teams environment. Pushing a button on the intercom will result in a call to the predefined Microsoft Teams user(s).

The receiving Teams user can talk to the visitor who is standing in front of the intercom (two-way audio). The receiving user can also remotely open the door for the visitor.

The receiving user only needs a standard Teams client (PC or Mac desktop client, Mobile Teams smartphone client or a Teams telephone).

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Licence for 2N Intercom

Already got a compatible 2N Intercom? All you need is a product setup and monthly subscription to use your device with Hellodoor

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HelloPorta – Voice & Video

How does the HelloPorta Skype for Business/Teams Doorbell work?
Touching a button on the HelloPorta touchscreen will make a video-call to the configured user. The called Skype for Business/Teams user can speak to the person at the door (voice) and see him/her (video). With an Instant Message (chat) command the door can be opened (this needs the optional Dooropener IP Relay hardware).

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