My2N Cloud Service

With the information technologies constantly developing to keep up with the demands of modern civilization, phrases such as mobile apps, the internet of things and cloud computing became every corporation’s mantra. 2N now launches the My2N portal that combines all these capabilities.


My2N is a platform enabling you to manage users, remotely configure 2N products, as well as monitor the status of individual locations. It helps you fully utilise 2N with simplicity and clarity. You can open your My2N account at, add your devices and activate further services provided by 2N. Your account is accessible anytime and anywhere thanks to a combined solution of the My2N cloud portal with IP technologies that form the basis of 2N products.

All you need is an internet connection and a CAT 5 network point at each device location.


Main Door Device €2 per device / per month
Touch Screen €2 per device / per month
IP Screen Phone €2 per device / per month
Smart Phone €2 per device / per month

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