School Lockdown Systems

Nothing is more important than the safety of your students and staff

Here at Valcom Support Services we have several solutions to fit any requirement you may have for an Emergency Notification and School Lockdown System. If your site already has a Cisco phone system then all you might need is the SingleWire InformaCast software licence to enable notification and lockdown system features.

Alternatively, we have lockdown systems that aren’t dependant on existing hardware that can offer the same functionality.

Schools and academies can face several threats from intruders or emergency situations that may require a school lockdown, evacuation or at least a warning.

The primary purpose of our emergency lockdown systems are to remove your students and staff from any kind of potential danger during an emergency situation.

Download our Emergency Lockdown System Schematic Drawing

For the best solution for your School Mass Notification and Lockdown System please get in touch with us. We have over 30 years experience of supplying, designing and installing these systems.

Emergency School Lockdown Systems

Our entry level school lockdown systems allow you play pre-recorded messages or tones through speakers installed around your school or academy. You can define up to seven different messages to signal different situations that may instigate a lockdown procedure. Using our own software, the alert can be played on a continous loop or for a predefined duration.

We have a choice of wall speakers, ceiling speakers, external horn speaker or lay-in speakers. All of our speakers utilise existing CAT 3, CAT 5 or CAT 6 cabling therefore installation is easy and fast. You also have the option to add live paging to the system.

We offer an installation service, or you can self install with our full support, get in touch to find out more.


Finance Available

We can provide simple competitive finance solutions to help fund your purchase. Funding is available for purchases from as little as £1000 up to large projects costing in excess of £1m.

For further information fill out our contact form or drop us a line on 01457 810 391.



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    Lockdown for Cisco Phone Systems

    The Singlewire InformaCast Advanced Notification system is designed to be integrated with your existing Cisco telephone system.

    Intruder Alerts

    InformaCast is a very fast method to send a lockdown message when there is an intruder on site. Trigger immediate emergency notifications from any phone, keyboard or dedicated panic button. Automatically monitor, record and send an alert when an emergency number is called.


    Consolidate your bells, clocks and PA system into one network for cost savings and improved flexibility. Customise bell tones and set builidng zones and regions quickly and easily from one portal. Easily integrate InformaCast with your existing analogue paging system.


    Weather / Cancellations

    Send automated weather alerts to staff and students. Send messages to on-premise devices such as Cisco phones, computers, email clients, lights, IP speakers, digital signage, security systems and PA systems. Send messages to off-site devices like mobile phones, social media, home phones and websites.


    Valcom Multipath

    Valcom Multipath is a user-friendly mass notification system suitable for new installations or retro-fits. With MultiPath you get a system with unrivalled features that works over your existing Category 3/5/5e/6 cabling infrasture.

    The Valcom MultiPath Communications System offers high performance microprocessor controlled communictions within your school, academy or higher-education facility.

    It is a dedicated advanced notification system that can also integrate into an existing PABX telephone system giving unlimited answering positions.



    • PC based admin tool
    • Control door entry systems
    • Easily manage break periods
    • Activate security cameras
    • Control / co-ordinate internal and external lighting
    • Page only areas that need to hear the message
    • Define upto 360 zones
    • Initiate calls by pressing a Call Button
    • Synchronisation with secondary clocks for standard breaks