Valcom supply IP Speakers to African Safe House

We are delighted to be working with CWS (Church World Service) in Africa to supply IP Speakers to a Safe School in Nairobi, Kenya.

CWS provides emergency relief and humanitarian development throughout Africa and as part of this relief it creatively expands opportunities for all children to attend school safely, both by making existing schools more secure and by catalysing new school infrastructure in isolated communities where none exists. Through a community-based, integrated approach, CWS supports mothers and fathers to mobilise resources toward their children’s education and ensures that students have access to safe water, sanitation and food as necessary ingredients for success in school.

We are supplying a range of IP InformaCast speakers for mass notifications to all areas of the school including, library, classrooms, washrooms, picnic areas and waiting areas. The system includes such features as linking with social media.

For further information about CWS click here and for information about United States Refugee Admissions Program click here.