Defining a Mass Notification EcoSystem

An emergency can occur at anytime, and every organisation needs the tools in place that can communicate critical information quickly. Spreading the word through as many communication channels as possible can mean the difference between people staying safe and catastrophe.

The InformaCast emergency notification system utilise technology and devices many organisations already have in place to create a unified communication tool. With the ability to send in multiple formats, including live and recorded audio, SMS text message, push notification, email and more, InformaCast delivers an all-in-one solution for emergency notification.

Mobile and On-premises

Safety is a top priority for any organisation. The InformaCast mass emergency notification system helps keep people safe by reaching on-premises and mobile devices with vital safety messages. While many systems can do one or the other, InformaCast Fusion allows users to manage all their devices and messages through a single interface.

Leverage Existing Technology

InformaCast ties into technology many organisations already have in place to keep costs down and achieve maximum message reach. Cisco IP phones, desktop computers, IP speakers, digital signage, panic buttons and more, can all be used to trigger or deliver messages from this emergency notification system.

Reach Everyone and Everything

The biggest asset of any emergency notification system is the speed at which it can send a message and the number of ways it can reach people. InformaCast allows users to pre-build messages, configure speed dials, and making it easy to trigger notifications. And with its ability to connect to multiple devices and send messages in a variety of formats, it’s helping organisations reach as many people as possible.

Confirmation and Tracking

Being able to send a message is great, but what do you want people to do once that message is received? InformaCast gives people who receive emergency notifications on their cell phones the ability to respond that they are safe or need assistance. Administrators can view these responses in real-time and even track the location of those that need assistance to better direct security personnel.


When speed is of the essence, having an emergency notification system that is easy-to-use is a necessity. That’s why InformaCast makes it simple to pre-build custom messages that can be configured to send at the press of a button. Its user-friendly interface means with a few simple clicks, messages reach everyone who needs to be informed in a short amount of time.